Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vanilla Milkshake

☆ White Jeans - Pinc ☆ Green Vest - Zara ☆ T-Shirt - LA Made ☆ Scarf - Zara ☆ Shoes - Converse ☆ Laces - Nike ☆ Bracelet - Kitson 

Guess what?! Spring is officially here, which means that we can now dust off the white jeans, bright shorts, sun dresses, and cutoff tanks and sport them. A classic pair of white jeans is a must-have. You can wear these jeans with sneakers (as I did), sandals, or even heels. It's a look that can easily be changed to wear to the beach or a party, but here I just wore it as a casual outfit. The army green vest and printed scarf are items that are good to wear over basics because they create a more finished look!  xox

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