Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trending: Mirrored Love

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Aviator sunglasses have always been the "it" shades, but now there's a new trend taking over in the fashion world that is making everyone swoon. Mirrored sunglasses are super popular and they are a very typical California cool look, yet they also incorporate some fun color. My favorites are the green and blue mirrored sunglasses, but the yellow ones are also rad. What do you think of the new mirrored lens trend?  xx

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monochrome Madness

☆ Coat - H&M ☆ Shirt - Forever 21 ☆ Chain - Forever 21 ☆ Pants - The Runway Outlet ☆ Shoes - Gucci ☆ 

People would assume that monochrome is very boring because it is all based on one color, but if you delve in deeper to explore monochrome, you can encompass different shades and textures of that same color. Grey is a classic, because it's perfect for those of us who just can't decide whether to wear black or white. I call it my compromise color. So, instead of wearing boring, bleh grey, I wore three different shades of grey with intricate detailing on my shirt and pants. My shirt is quilted, so if you get up close, there are small geometric diamonds, and on my pants are crazy cool curves and lines. For a fun touch, when it got colder in the day, I threw on my leopard print jacket, because really, what doesn't go with leopard print?! Xx

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Babydoll Meets Birkenstock

☆ Top - Wilfred ☆ Jean Jacket - Levi's ☆ Jeans - Zara ☆ Shoes - Birkenstock 

Birkenstocks are back! And I'm loving it. The Birkenstock shoe is an ultimate classic, because of its comfortable nature. The shoe is utterly cushiony and perfect for spring weather. However, Birkenstocks have not always been the loved shoe that they are at the moment! The Birkenstock style shoe is a hit right now because people have finally figured out how to wear them in a stylish way. Birkenstocks can have a hippie feel to them, but when paired with the right outfit, they can be totally rad. I paired mine with a lacy, black Babydoll style shirt, creating a very sweet and playful look that is balanced and easy. I would definitely pair a printed dress with the shoes or even leggings and a crop top. What do you think of the re-emerging Birkenstock trend? Yay or Nay? xx

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Clash

☆ Shirt - J.Crew ☆ Skirt - Zara ☆ Knee Socks - Topshop ☆ Shoes - Vans ☆ Phone Case - Marc Jacobs 

Ever since clashing prints became "okay" in the fashion world, I have fully taken advantage of the hit trend. Wearing two prints at the same time is bold and shows a wild side to someone! In this case, I clashed plaid and a tribal print, but the moral is that you can really put any prints together that you want! The only thing that I suggest, is having some connection between the two prints, whether it be color, texture, or shape. What two prints would you, or have you paired? xx

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Denim Diaries

☆ Beanie - Stella McCartney for Gap ☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Jeans - Joe's ☆ Shoes - Vans ☆

Living in California, you see a lot of people rocking the skater chic trend and I have definitely adapted to wearing that look a lot with my denim. It's simple, yet not boring and the easiest way to do so is to wear one (or both) of two accessories: the beanie and slip-ons. My slip-ons have easily become my favorite pair of shoes in my closet because they are emblematic of effortless chic. Below I listed some of my fave pairs of slip on sneakers… xx

Monday, March 10, 2014

7 Days, 7 Ways: The Boyfriend Sweater, Part 7

Sweater - Forever 21 ☆ Tank - Boody ☆ Leggings - LuluLemon ☆ Shoes - Nike 

Because this is my last 7 Days, 7 Ways post, I thought I would give you a way to wear the sweater that is part of everyday life. When I go to exercise, I usually throw on my leggings, a tank, and a sweater, in this case my boyfriend sweater. I hope I've demonstrated that one piece of clothing can create many different looks. More posts will be coming very soon!! xx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7 Days, 7 Ways: The Boyfriend Sweater, Part 6

☆ Boyfriend Sweater - Forever 21 ☆ White Shirt - James Perse ☆ Pants - Pinc ☆ Boots - Jeffrey Campbell ☆

I recently scored a new fisheye lens for my iPhone and I have fallen in love. I take it everywhere I go and I am obsessed with landscapes using the fisheye lens. I was experimenting with my lens at the beach and it just so happened to be a beautiful day so I decided to shoot a couple of photos for the blog. This is a really casual look because it only involves two colors. You can translate it with different items of clothing, the message is the monochromatic look. (The simple white tee is an absolute staple in everybody's closet and as you can see, it's very versatile.)  At the bottom I've included one of my favorite photos that I took on the beach! xx