Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tutu Playful

☆ Varsity Jacket - Zara ☆ Black Tee - Peek ☆ Tulle Skirt - Zara ☆ Tights - Bloomingdale's ☆ Boots - My Mom's Closet! ☆ Clutch - Isaac Reina 

Varsity jackets are such a classic piece of clothing that have most recently made a comeback. It is actually quite simple to wear these jackets in a chic way. You can pair them with a girly skirt (like I did) or go for a more edgy look by pairing it with ripped, baggy jeans. I chose to wear mine with my feminine, tiered, tutu skirt because it is a bit unexpected, yet a bit playful. The textured tights and the simple black boots complete the outfit. xx

Monday, October 21, 2013

Clad in Plaid

☆ Plaid Dress - Forever 21 ☆ Cardigan - Vince ☆ Knee Socks - Topshop ☆ Boots - Hoss ☆

This plaid dress from Forever 21 was a no-brainer. I saw it on the mannequin and I knew it had to be mine! This dress, or any similar plaid dress, can be suited for winter, spring, summer, or fall. I like to use a layering technique for fall by adding a long boyfriend cardigan, and as it gets colder, I think I'll throw a chunky turtleneck on top and have black tights peeking out the bottom. It can be easily switched over to summer by wearing a pair of cute gladiator sandals and a sunhat! I opted to go for a schoolgirl vibe by donning a pair of high knee socks and classic black boots. xx

Plaid-Inspired Pieces!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black and Blue

☆ Jacket - Forever 21 ☆ Sweater - Uniqlo ☆ Skirt - ASOS ☆ Shoes - Superga ☆

Wearing all black can be a bit boring, so I decided to add some interest with this simple vibrant blue sweater. My quilted leather jacket was a great steal from Forever 21 and it adds another layer to the look. xx

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Black to Basics

☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Shirt - Uniqlo ☆ Skirt - H&M ☆ Fur Bag - H&M ☆ Nike 5.0 - Nike ☆

Black is such a classic color that can be thrown around with anything and still look sophisticated. It is so versatile and you can amp it up by adding a bright color! Plaid shirts are a staple in my closet and this one is a larger, boyfriend style flannel. This outfit is so easy-to-wear especially because of my Nike's. I wear these shoes with anything and they have yet to disappoint me!  xx