Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring with an Edge

☆ Dress - Zara ☆ Leather Jacket - Abercrombie ☆ Shoes - Zigi Soho ☆ 

Time to put away the pants and coats and dig up those mini skirts and short jackets because it finally feels like spring! The weather has been much warmer lately and everyone (at least in Cali) is wearing shorts and tees! This is my transition outfit, because I don't want to totally ditch winter! I have to keep my short leather jacket because it's versatile. I wore it with this simple dress and some tall retro shoes to make the look a bit edgier. Swipe on a smoky eye and some messy hair and there you have it: the edgy spring look. Perfect for spring because of the weather and perfect for those of us who don't want to fully leave winter because of the leather jacket! Have fun experimenting… xx