Monday, December 23, 2013

Layered Look

☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Plaid Shirt - CP Shades ☆ Pants - Aritzia ☆ Boots - Paris ☆

Even though we don't have true winter here in California, it's always nice when the weather starts to become cold and crisp. I always feel most comfortable wearing a sweater in this type of weather and staying warm with layers. This look for me, is ideal, because I have my sweater, and a cool plaid to throw on top. My suede, buckled boots complement the turtleneck nicely and the zippered pants blend in well. An easy way to recreate this look is to grab a warm sweater from your closet, tie any blouse around your waist, throw on some slouchy boots, a versatile pair of pants and you're good to go. xx

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grey Matters

☆ Sweater - Gap ☆ Skirt - Zara ☆ Knee Socks - Madewell ☆ Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell ☆

You can never go wrong with the classic schoolgirl look: a pleated skirt and knee socks. But, as winter is approaching us, I can't just wear the schoolgirl look with a white tee. So, I think it's fun to wear a chunky knit with it and add some cool boots too! xx

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bubble Up

☆ Vest - Zara ☆ Sweater - The Runaway Outlet ☆ Shirt - Uniqlo ☆ Pants - Black Orchid ☆ Shoes - Clarks ☆

In my opinion, bubble vests are a wardrobe must have. They are chic, yet practical in that they keep you warm! My favorite ones are from J Crew and Zara, but below I listed a couple more that I also think are fab if you're interested! Honestly, I just throw my bubble vest on and immediately, I have a more put together look. The bubble vest is a great layering piece because you can wear sweaters, tees, or button down shirts underneath it and look positively chic. xx

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tutu Playful

☆ Varsity Jacket - Zara ☆ Black Tee - Peek ☆ Tulle Skirt - Zara ☆ Tights - Bloomingdale's ☆ Boots - My Mom's Closet! ☆ Clutch - Isaac Reina 

Varsity jackets are such a classic piece of clothing that have most recently made a comeback. It is actually quite simple to wear these jackets in a chic way. You can pair them with a girly skirt (like I did) or go for a more edgy look by pairing it with ripped, baggy jeans. I chose to wear mine with my feminine, tiered, tutu skirt because it is a bit unexpected, yet a bit playful. The textured tights and the simple black boots complete the outfit. xx

Monday, October 21, 2013

Clad in Plaid

☆ Plaid Dress - Forever 21 ☆ Cardigan - Vince ☆ Knee Socks - Topshop ☆ Boots - Hoss ☆

This plaid dress from Forever 21 was a no-brainer. I saw it on the mannequin and I knew it had to be mine! This dress, or any similar plaid dress, can be suited for winter, spring, summer, or fall. I like to use a layering technique for fall by adding a long boyfriend cardigan, and as it gets colder, I think I'll throw a chunky turtleneck on top and have black tights peeking out the bottom. It can be easily switched over to summer by wearing a pair of cute gladiator sandals and a sunhat! I opted to go for a schoolgirl vibe by donning a pair of high knee socks and classic black boots. xx

Plaid-Inspired Pieces!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black and Blue

☆ Jacket - Forever 21 ☆ Sweater - Uniqlo ☆ Skirt - ASOS ☆ Shoes - Superga ☆

Wearing all black can be a bit boring, so I decided to add some interest with this simple vibrant blue sweater. My quilted leather jacket was a great steal from Forever 21 and it adds another layer to the look. xx

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Black to Basics

☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Shirt - Uniqlo ☆ Skirt - H&M ☆ Fur Bag - H&M ☆ Nike 5.0 - Nike ☆

Black is such a classic color that can be thrown around with anything and still look sophisticated. It is so versatile and you can amp it up by adding a bright color! Plaid shirts are a staple in my closet and this one is a larger, boyfriend style flannel. This outfit is so easy-to-wear especially because of my Nike's. I wear these shoes with anything and they have yet to disappoint me!  xx

Monday, September 23, 2013


☆ Sweatshirt - Phillip Lim for Target ☆ Riding Pants - Zara ☆ Oxfords - Stephane Kelian 

Last Saturday night, I stayed up to see the debut of the Phillip Lim for Target collection and I am so happy I did! I scored a couple of great pieces, which was good because by morning, almost everything was gone! This comic book inspired sweatshirt is one of my steals! I love it because it's playful and fashionable. With bright colors and cool type, this sweatshirt makes a statement. xx

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

White Just Right

☆ White Jeans - Pinc ☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Leopard Clutch - Clare Vivier ☆ Booties - Hoss ☆ Red Lips - Make Up For Ever's Moulin Rouge 

My white jeans are one of my favorite items in my closet. They can be recycled so easily into so many different outfits (I wore them in my last blog post). And I am certainly not going to follow that silly rule about not wearing white after labor day! Here, I decided to go for a classic, simple look which I spiced  up with the red lip. Sometimes, regarding outfits, simple is better and an added bright touch can complete the look and make it utterly exciting! Another idea for a vibrant pop is a scarf, or even some bright jewels. Although it's getting harder to find white jeans as we approach fall/winter, here are some of my favorites:


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School Cool

☆ Blue Top - Intermix ☆ White Jeans - Pinc ☆ Supergas - Nordstrom ☆ 

It's that time of the year again! Back to school. This outfit is a simple school outfit with a cute, fairly easy hair style! I put my hair in a side fishtail and I wore white jeans with a blue, distressed top. The holes in this shirt give it a punk look and the fishtail adds a girly aspect. These sneakers are really easy to wear and make for a classic look with the white jeans.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Collared Dress

☆ Dress - Forever 21 ☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Boots - Steve Madden ☆ Rings - Madewell ☆

This dress is a go-to for me because I know that wherever I wear it, I can make it appropriate for the ocassion. It's simple, comfortable, and stylish. It can easily be worn by itself or with a cropped sweater. If you don't have a collared dress, you can still rock the look with a collared shirt layered underneath a sweater! xx

Monday, July 29, 2013

Boyfriend Blues

☆ Boyfriend Jeans - Zara ☆ Crop Top - American Apparel ☆ Belt - Neiman Marcus ☆ Cardigan - Steven Alan ☆ Rings - Madewell ☆ Bracelet - Bloomingdale's ☆ Shoes - Minnie T's 

There is a type of pant that should be in every woman's closet around the world, and that is the boyfriend jean. Boyfriend jeans are baggy and have a messy, casual look which makes them comfortable and easy to wear out on a Sunday afternoon or to school, in my situation. Crop tops are also extremely hot right now! Patterned crop tops are a huge hit, but today I chose a simple, navy blue top and I completed the look with some dainty jewelry and an oversized cardigan! Below I've posted some links to my favorite boyfriend jeans! How do you style your boyfriend jeans? xx

Stella's Picks for Boyfriend Jeans

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tomboy Trippin'

☆ T-Shirt - Sport Chalet ☆ Pants - Aritzia ☆ Sneakers - Supra ☆ Backpack - Gifted 

Sometimes in clothing stores, I don't have any luck in the girls department. So, instead of heading out of the store, I walk over to the boys department. I know I can always count on the boys section to have basic items and every once in a while a cool pair of sneakers or a hat. This shirt and my shoes are both from the guys department and I managed to make my outfit a bit girlier by adding my quilted backpack and grunge inspired pants. xx