Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Essential Jacket

☆ Tweed Jacket - Zara ☆ Peplum Top - H&M ☆ Tank Top - Topshop ☆ Boyfriend Jeans - Zara ☆ Wedges - Kork-Ease 

The tweed jacket has always been and will always be a classic. Chanel inspired jackets have now been reproduced by hundreds of companies ranging from Forever 21 to Target. In my opinion, Zara makes the best replica of a Chanel jacket! When I purchased my Zara jacket, I went with a more daring color - a bright turquoise-ish color! I am so glad I did, because it looks great  with jeans, which are a staple of my wardrobe!  Personally, I think that wearing this style of jacket with a skirt is a little bit overdone for my age group, so I would pair it with tattered jeans, jean shorts, or even leggings. In this case, I wore a delicate peplum silk top and ripped jeans to balance out the look. xox


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