Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monochrome Madness

☆ Coat - H&M ☆ Shirt - Forever 21 ☆ Chain - Forever 21 ☆ Pants - The Runway Outlet ☆ Shoes - Gucci ☆ 

People would assume that monochrome is very boring because it is all based on one color, but if you delve in deeper to explore monochrome, you can encompass different shades and textures of that same color. Grey is a classic, because it's perfect for those of us who just can't decide whether to wear black or white. I call it my compromise color. So, instead of wearing boring, bleh grey, I wore three different shades of grey with intricate detailing on my shirt and pants. My shirt is quilted, so if you get up close, there are small geometric diamonds, and on my pants are crazy cool curves and lines. For a fun touch, when it got colder in the day, I threw on my leopard print jacket, because really, what doesn't go with leopard print?! Xx


  1. your coat is perfect and your so beautiful!! xx

  2. What a stylish and chic outfit. I love everything on you. you look so lovely too.

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! Love it!

    xo Kylie

  4. You have such amazing style! The leopard coat looks so good with the monochrome outfit.

  5. Super interesting styling! The pop of leopard fits there perfectly.


  6. Lovely Outfit !! <3

    You look very sweet, the look is so sweet and at the same time very simple.

    Mundo from