Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Babydoll Meets Birkenstock

☆ Top - Wilfred ☆ Jean Jacket - Levi's ☆ Jeans - Zara ☆ Shoes - Birkenstock 

Birkenstocks are back! And I'm loving it. The Birkenstock shoe is an ultimate classic, because of its comfortable nature. The shoe is utterly cushiony and perfect for spring weather. However, Birkenstocks have not always been the loved shoe that they are at the moment! The Birkenstock style shoe is a hit right now because people have finally figured out how to wear them in a stylish way. Birkenstocks can have a hippie feel to them, but when paired with the right outfit, they can be totally rad. I paired mine with a lacy, black Babydoll style shirt, creating a very sweet and playful look that is balanced and easy. I would definitely pair a printed dress with the shoes or even leggings and a crop top. What do you think of the re-emerging Birkenstock trend? Yay or Nay? xx


  1. You styled them well! Denim is my go-to pieces as well. :)


  2. I love Birkenstocks!

  3. I love this outfit! Your so brave with your style it's great! In ever would be able to rock double denim or Birkenstocks but you make them look amazing xx


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  5. This is a awesome style.I also like your gorgeous dress.I think that You are cute.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this blog!

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