Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh-So Ruffled

☆ Ruffled Skirt - Topshop ☆ Cashmere Cardigan - Rita's Rags ☆ Tank Top - H&M ☆ Desert Boots - Clark's ☆ Necklace - Julieri 

Ruffles are timeless. Just so happens, muted and monochromatic colors are also timeless. So, when you put them together, you get an ultimately sophisticated look. I'm normally all about as much color I can get, but in this case, there is something romantic and playful about a completely neutral outfit. I added a small, gold necklace to complement the look! I'm feeling a ruffle trend coming on! xox


  1. gorgeous outfit! This look makes me think a big candy with the sweet light pink colours. I love your skirt it's so cute! :)
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  2. The outfit is awesome and it fits you perfectly. You are very beautiful and your elegant fashion taste helps pronounce your appeal.

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