Sunday, February 9, 2014

7 Days, 7 Ways: The Boyfriend Sweater, Part 5

 ☆ Boyfriend Sweater - Forever 21 ☆ Sweater - Zara ☆ Pants - JBrand ☆ Bag - H&M ☆ Shoes - Nike ☆

Believe it or not, I used to play basketball and one of my favorite things about playing was the shoes. Everywhere you looked on the court, there were all different colored basketball shoes with personalized names, splattered paint, even little stuffed animals on them. While I stopped my career a couple of years ago, I kept my basketball shoes and they are still a staple in my closet. When I was shopping for shoes years ago, I opted for the black and white pair because I knew that they would go with everything, but sometimes I wish I had gone with a flashier pair of purple and green kicks or something that would really stand out! That said, I absolutely love my shoes and they can be worn for athletic purposes or in this case, for fashion purposes. Worn here with a basic sweater, black jeans, a simple black bag, and my boyfriend cardigan, they make this look just a bit more sporty! xx


  1. Lovely! :)

  2. love this sporty look! I think black and white shoes were a great choice! ;)
    I have pink and royal blue sneakers ( and they are really cool but not so easy to combine with clothes...
    Emma xx

  3. I love all your boyfriends sweater posts! I really like your style

  4. Love your effortlessly chic outfit.
    Your style is fab <3
    Kisses from Hungary,