Monday, July 29, 2013

Boyfriend Blues

☆ Boyfriend Jeans - Zara ☆ Crop Top - American Apparel ☆ Belt - Neiman Marcus ☆ Cardigan - Steven Alan ☆ Rings - Madewell ☆ Bracelet - Bloomingdale's ☆ Shoes - Minnie T's 

There is a type of pant that should be in every woman's closet around the world, and that is the boyfriend jean. Boyfriend jeans are baggy and have a messy, casual look which makes them comfortable and easy to wear out on a Sunday afternoon or to school, in my situation. Crop tops are also extremely hot right now! Patterned crop tops are a huge hit, but today I chose a simple, navy blue top and I completed the look with some dainty jewelry and an oversized cardigan! Below I've posted some links to my favorite boyfriend jeans! How do you style your boyfriend jeans? xx

Stella's Picks for Boyfriend Jeans


  1. So cute--this makes me really want to buy boyfriend jeans pronto! I'm literally obsessed with your blog :)

  2. Do you know if the jeans you're wearing are still available to buy?

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  4. I love to see a good pair of boyfriend jeans. You look fab