Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Denim

☆ Denim Vest - Flea Market ☆ Gray Tee - Peek ☆ Miniskirt - H&M ☆ Black Converse - Converse 

As summer swiftly approaches, I must check my closet and make sure that I have all of the essentials for the warm weather! One of my favorite pieces for this summer is a denim vest. It puts a playful touch on denim and is easy to wear with skirts, leggings, shorts, or jeans. My denim vest was purchased at a flea market and I like it because it is unique. At the top near the collar, there is a bit of bright embroidery that makes it one of a kind! I paired my denim vest with a mini skirt, a simple gray tee and black-on-black converse. I wore this look to my mom's birthday dinner and to my brother's baseball game, which just shows you how versatile it is! xx


  1. So cute!:) love your vest!

  2. Love your blog, you have such great style! xoxo