Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter in California

☆ Pom Pom Scarf - Brandy Melville ☆ Dress Shirt - J+ Uniqlo ☆ Tuxedo Jacket - Stella McCartney for Gapkids ☆ Corduroy's - Abercrombie Kids ☆ Headband - DIY ☆ Ankle Boots - Dolce Vita ☆ 

It's already winter and festive clothing has just come into season. I love an old fashioned tuxedo jacket for festive wear, and to add a little spritz of playfulness, I threw on this wondrous pom-pom scarf. It's literally the warmest scarf that anyone can ever come across and it is so fashionable too! I paired the scarf and jacket with my ever so versatile corduroy's, a basic white dress shirt, and my favorite ankle boots.

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